Academy COVID-19 Precautions


  • Class sizes are restricted, and teachers will manage and organize their classes to maintain safe social distancing.   

  • No make-up classes will be allowed. Until further notice, if you miss your regularly scheduled class, you will not be allowed to attend another class to make it up.  

  • In order to reduce congestion in and around the studios, teachers will begin and end their classes promptly. Parents and guardians must pick up their children promptly.

  • Parents/guests are not allowed to wait in the lobby. [Sorry!]

  • Students may dress and must drop off their belongings in their lockers or the dressing room, but must promptly return to the lobby to wait for their class. They are not allowed to linger downstairs in the area near the bathroom or in the dressing room. Students' belongings must not be left in the lobby. 

  • Weather permitting, students may stretch in the lobby/patio, or in the studio (if available) before class. However, students must bring their own warm-up and stretching equipment. Studio warm up equipment such as foam rollers is off-limits.




  • Upon entering the building, students will have their temperature taken. Anyone with a fever, will not be allowed to take class and must return home. 

  • After the temperature check, students must thoroughly wash their hands in the bathroom, or make use of the hand sanitizer dispensers installed in the lobby and adjacent to both studios. 

  • Masks must be worn at all times in the building, including during class.

  • Studio barres will be disinfected after every ballet class, and dance floors will be disinfected following every modern, contemporary, and modern/jazz class. Disinfection of the door knobs, banisters, bathrooms, and lobby counters will be performed at least once-a-day.

  • For optimal ventilation and as weather permits, all doors will remain open while classes are in session. We continue to research further options for ventilation and air purification.