Junior Company

The Junior Company, also known as CBT-2, is a youth company that provides extra learning and performance opportunities to the school’s more advanced and dedicated students. Under the guidance and direction of the Junior Company Advisor Kristin Licata, CBT-2 members have performed in venues in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.  


Students are selected by audition.


2020-2021 Members: 

Irving Brann, Tehilah Brann, Elizabeth Charles, Emma D'aniello, Aurelia Iacoviello, 

Nardya John, Elizabeth Mercado, Rebekah Miller, Sonya Orak, Mikayla Sanchez



2019 Peridance Youth Showcase     
   2012 Dancewave Kids Cafe
Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn

Address: 251 Avenue U

Brooklyn, NY  11223

Entrance is on Van Sicklen Street

Email: info@covenantballet.org

Phone: 718-891-6199

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Photos by Rebeccah Brann, Jaime Gamez, Henry Sid