Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn

Address: 251 Avenue U

Brooklyn, NY  11223

Entrance is on Van Sicklen Street


Phone: 718-891-6199

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Photos by Rebeccah Brann, Jaime Gamez, Henry Sid


"Covenant Ballet Theatre is an artistic jewel in our city that deserves our recognition and support."  




Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn (CBT) is a non-profit, arts organization committed to serving the southern-end of Brooklyn where cultural activities are fewer. Over thirty years ago, Marla Hirokawa founded her school on the conviction that a serious ballet education is needed to advance the art form, train youth and improve the lives of those within its embrace, and where there is a commitment to the art of dance, there ought to be an equally vigorous commitment to maximum inclusion. In 2007, in order to realize Marla’s vision of a professional dance company and academy that would serve the public, the company was incorporated as a non-profit. 


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