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Storytelling at its best.
- NY Theatre Now


From 1854 to 1929, over 150,000 abandoned and neglected children boarded trains bound for the new West in search of a home. Our ballet follows Rev. Charles Brace, founder of the New York Children's Aid Society, as he crafts a future for Bessie, Mamie and sisters Susie and Dorothy.

Congratulations for an inspirational, educational and fitting tribute. In eight beautiful scenes, the narrative ballet tells this moving and heartbreaking story, wonderfully conveyed by this fine company of actor/dancers who with a look or a gesture augment the excellent choreography.

NY International Fringe Festival Review

Map & Directions

By train: You can reach us from any of the train lines below. Select one for more information:

2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, F, R

By bus: B26, B37, B38, B41, B51, B52, B54, B61, B67 or B75.


Available for pre-order:

$27 - Short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts

$55 - Hoodies

$10 - Magnets 

Youth and adult sizes

Email info@covenantballetorg



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Artistic Staff & Dancers

Rebecca Brann_edited_edited.jpg

Rebeccah Brann

Mrs. Smith

Midwest Couple

Amanda Brewster_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Amanda Brewster

Mamie's Grandmother

Roberto Facchin_edited_edited.jpg

Roberto Facchin

Diamond Caper

Mamie's Mother's Boyfriend 

Mr. Arnold

Rev. Charles Brace (11/10)


Colleen Rivera (Fechner)

Diamond Caper

Midwest Woman

PC Whitney Browne_edited_edited.jpg

Kristin Licata

(Artistic Assistant)

Mrs. Arnold

Jai Perez_edited_edited.jpg

Jai Perez

Diamond Caper

Drunken Father

Mr. Smith

Reyes, Kate Headshot 1 (1)_edited_edited

Kate Reyes

Diamond Caper


Tanya Trombly Headshot Jay Krempa 2023 F

Tanya Trombly

Diamond Caper

Mamie's Mother

Mrs. Bailey

Joseph Tudisco _edited_edited.jpg

Joseph Tudisco

Diamond Caper

Mr. Bailey

Matthew Westerby_edited_edited.jpg

Matthew Westerby

Rev. Charles Brace (11/9)



Catelina Alston, Milena Barrientos, Hannah Bolski, Dorothy Brann, Irving Brann, Tehilah Brann, Verdinah Brann, Jasmine Duru (alumna), Quetzali Espino, Ermy Francois, Alessandra Gamez, Laura Holmes, Max Karanevskii, Emily Kau, Jenna Lemmon, Jaclyn Li, Alelia Ollivierre, Anna Taran, Nino Tsertsvadze, Mariami Vibliani, Calista Wu, Yesica Yang, London Young

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