Dress Code & Uniforms

Covenant Ballet requires a proper dress code to promote professionalism and discipline.




  1. HAIR. Hair is expected to be secured off the face and neck for all dance classes. Hair for ballet must be secured in a bun using pins and a hairnet, and gel or hairspray if necessary to remove wisps. If hair is short, please use head band or hair clips to keep hair out of face. 

  2. FINGERNAILS.  NO TIPS or long nails. Fingernails are to be kept short in length. Nail polish is forbidden for exams and performance.

  3. JEWELRY. For safety and etiquette, only small pierced stud earrings are allowed. No other jewelry including necklaces, watches, bracelets or rings may be worn in class.





Students are required to wear appropriate uniforms for their level.  See chart below. Students may on occasion, with permission from instructor, wear a dance sweater and/or leg warmers.


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